Help us to detect invasive species in European coastal waters!

BGE wants to harness the power of citizen scientists and eDNA techniques to provide a powerful new perspective on marine invasive species occurrence and distribution in European waters. For this, we will need the help of citizen scientists. Will you be one of them? 

This is the deal: you help us filter seawater from locations around ports in your area and we will provide everything you need to do it, including the necessary equipment and detailed written and video instructions. We will explain how you can use a smartphone app to record all the required information when you sample. Take a look at our brochure for more information or go directly to our registration form! Got any questions or doubts? Contact us at, we’ll be glad to help!


BGE Citizen Science Community

The current rate of biodiversity loss is reaching catastrophic proportions. We need to take urgent action and for that, we need to collect as much data as possible. But collecting data in an entire continent is something that scientists can only do with your help. Join the BGE Citizen Science Community today!


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Photo: FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (Flickr)
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