BGE Research


Shared protocols and techniques enable the BGE partners to scale up delivery of sequence data over lifetime of the project

During the three years of this project, BGE partners are generating 450 Gbp of annotated, curated reference genome assemblies encompassing 350-500 species to Earth Biogenome Project standards. We are also sequencing DNA barcodes from 45,000 specimens of 15,000 species, and metabarcode data from thousands of environmental and bulk samples in key habitats across Europe. The first few months have seen partners meeting and sharing protocols and techniques to enable us to scale up delivery of sequence data during summer 2023. Soon we will receive our first batches of samples from museums and the field.

“In the genome stream, we have created a biodiversity sequencing network among partner facilities – an open dialogue to streamline sample workflow from providers to sequencing centres. A first batch of HotSpot samples is being prepared for delivery to sequencing. During the coming months, we will focus on standardisation of sample requirements, shipment and handling standard operating procedures among the genome sequencing partners, and proceed with sequencing the first tranche of HotSpot samples.”

Olga Vinnere Petterson, Uppsala University, Sweden

“One very exciting aspect of this project is the use of 33,000 museum specimens, where we will use techniques developed for DNA recovery from ancient samples to provide genomic data for public reference libraries at a scale not seen before!”

Dr Ben Price, Natural History Museum, UK