Addressing the global biodiversity crisis

Why Biodiversity Genomics Europe?

The endeavour to protect and restore our planet’s biodiversity faces a major challenge – the enormous complexity of biological systems. Learn more about how genomics can contribute to tackling this challenge.

Addressing the global biodiversity crisis requires a deeper understanding of the diversity of life on Earth than we currently have. Despite centuries of research, an estimated 80% of the world’s multicellular species still await scientific discovery and description. Even for described species, telling them apart is often difficult, and knowledge of their distributions, variation, properties, inter-dependencies and conservation status remains patchy and incomplete.

Genomics can provide crucial new tools to answer these questions, but despite ground-breaking developments in both DNA barcoding and full-genome sequencing, there remains a critical need to develop and strengthen functioning communities of practice, and to build capacity and complementarity across activities and borders.

Pete Hollingsworth, BGE Deputy Director and DNA-Barcoding Stream Leader, explains

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