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Citizen Science

Case Studies

BGE relies on the invaluable help of an army of citizen scientists to help us build the map of European biodiversity. Find out more about our citizen science initiatives.

BGE will engage with citizen scientists through a series of workshops and open days targeting all levels -from school children to students, from employees of national parks to amateur expert taxonomists. The workshops use activities and games to show the crucial role of invertebrates in the environment and make participants familiar with the concepts of DNA barcoding as well as the main field methods for collecting, preserving and identifying insects. These activities are also important to explain the concept of DNA barcode library building and the interpretation of barcoding results.

Biodiversity Genomics Europe Case Studies

Under pressure: population genomics in the Pannonian lineage of the Critically Endangered European hamster

April 15th, 2024|Case Studie|

Case study European hamster Hamsters are just cute. But they are also endangered in most parts of Europe. Learn how

Analysing the genomic basis of vectorial capacity and insecticide resistance in Culex species using reference genomes and population genomics.

March 26th, 2024|Case Studie|

Case study Culex mosquitoes Full genome sequencing can be crucial to understand how mosquitos spread diseases and how resistant they are

MyxoHares: Unravelling the genomic landscape of myxomatosis susceptibility in Iberian hares

March 22nd, 2024|Case Studie|

Case study MyxoHares Disease outbreaks like mixomatosis among Iberian hares are important threats to wildlife and can cause cascading disruptive


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