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Europe’s drive to reverse biodiversity loss through genomics research

Biodiversity Genomics Europe

The comprehensive application of genomic science to biodiversity research will drive fundamental advances in conservation science and policy. A new pan-European consortium – Biodiversity Genomics Europe – is leading the way.

Biodiversity Genomics Europe Impact

BGE lays the foundations of a truly pan-European, integrated genomics research community that will extend well beyond the current project

No time to lose

An estimated 25% of known species are threatened with extinction worldwide (IPBES, 2019). Addressing this global biodiversity crisis requires that we dramatically increase our understanding of the diversity of life on Earth, how it functions and interacts, and especially its responses to environmental change.

Two key strands of genomic science are creating a step change in our knowledge of and action for biodiversity: DNA barcoding and full-genome sequencing. Biodiversity Genomics Europe brings these together for the first time, opening the door to a revolution in the application of genomic research for biodiversity protection and restoration in Europe.

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Biodiversity Genomics Europe, an introduction

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Knowledge Platform

Genomics within reach

Accessible resources to help you understand the impact of genomic research on biodiversity science and its contribution to biodiversity restoration and conservation policy and practice


Integrating the BGE community

Discover BGE’s DNA-barcoding and genome-sequencing streams and the cross-cutting initiatives at the interface of both strands

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Citizen Science initiatives

Scientists cannot do this alone. Join us to experience first-hand how Europe’s leading genomics project works in the field!

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