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BGE is a dynamic project, with opportunities arising regularly. View the latest openings below, and follow us on social media to keep up to date.

Join the BGE team to be part of a unique, pan-European endeavour to protect and restore biodiversity through genomic research.

BGE exemplifies a cross-border approach to collaboration and knowledge-sharing in genomics at an unprecedented scale, a model of excellence and diversity, and an enriching experience for participants.

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Current openings:

There are currently no openings for BGE.

Past openings:

for Genoscope
(Gene prediction)

Postdoctoral Fellow for the BIOSCAN UK project - Insect diversity

BGE partner Genoscope has an opening position for a Bioinformatician to work on our project!

You will join the Bioinformatics Laboratory for Genomics and Biodiversity (LBGB) at Genoscope, made up of around fifteen bioinformaticians. The LBGB is in charge of the management and analysis of the sequencing data produced at Genoscope, with a broad interest in methodological developments and has extensive experience in de novo assembly, gene prediction and comparative genomics of complex genomes and samples.

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Laboratory Technician for the BGE project (BIOPOLIS)


Postdoctoral Fellow for the BIOSCAN UK project - Insect diversity

Direct from sunny Portugal comes this amazing position of Laboratory Technician for BGE! You’ll be responsible for manipulating and conducting molecular analyses planned within the project. The work plan includes, among other things: 

a. Biological Sample processing and organization.

b. DNA extraction and quantification from pollinator insects and mammalian samples, and possibly other source material;

c. Preparation of different library types for Whole-Genome Sequencing and Metabarcoding.

d. PCR and Sequencing.

e. Collaboration in writing technical reports and scientific publications.

You’ll find all the info about the position here.

Bioinformatician for the BGE project 

(IPNA-CSIC Tenerife)

Postdoctoral Fellow for the BIOSCAN UK project - Insect diversity

Are you a bioinformatician? BGE might be the place to be!

The position will build upon recent advancements in bulk arthropod sample metabarcoding to develop and refine pipelines to remove errors associated with (i) taxonomic inflation at the community level and (ii) haplotype inflation within species. This will include, but not be restricted to, improving and benchmarking metaMATE (DOI: 10.1111/1755-0998.13337) and the development of a user-friendly GUI, integrating denoising methods. The position also provides the opportunity to work with data generated within BGE involving Malaise trap sampling or arthropod communities sampled across Europe.

You will be based at the IPNA-CSIC in Tenerife (Spain), with project-related travel and remote working opportunities. Start date: September 01, 2023

Informal enquiries are welcome and can be made to Brent Emerson (, Carmelo Andujar ( or Paula Arribas (

Postdoctoral Fellow for the BIOSCAN UK project
(Insect diversity)

Postdoctoral Fellow for the BIOSCAN UK project - Insect diversity
We have an exciting opportunity for a Postdoctoral Fellow (PDF) to join the UK-wide BIOSCAN project. You’ll work in the group lead by BGE’s own Dr. Mara Lawniczak that is using DNA based approaches to study spatiotemporal change in insect diversity.
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