The Most Wanted

De Biesbosch National Park, Netherlands

4 August 2023

The Naturalis sampling team joined the youngsters of JNM – Jongeren in de natuur (Youth in Nature) during their summer camp in De Biesbosch, to share a day of sampling and learning about the relevance of genomics for the protection and restoration of Nature. The programme of activities during the day aimed at giving the participants a general overview of the different activities that define the biodiversity genomics workflow: sampling → identification → DNA data analysis → biodiversity research → policy and protection.

JNM – Youth in nature, is a non-profit association for and by young people. Their goal is to instil in youngsters aged 11-25 an interest in Nature and useful knowledge of how to protect it. The Biesbosch National Park is a nature conservation area and the largest freshwater tidal zone in Europe.


  1. Raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity
  2. Raise awareness about DNA-based methods used in biodiversity research and their implications for monitoring, conservation
  3. Collect samples (insects) relevant for the target list of BGE


1. Theoretical background: Biodiversity quiz. Why do we need this?

2. Sampling: What is it? What are the different methods of sampling? Which are the main kinds of traps and how to properly use them? Setting up of a malaise trap

3. Target species: how to use the target list and sampling tool (ADA, developed within the Naturalis ARISE project)

4. Bioblitz (using biodiversity identification app Obsidentify) during the day

5. Sampling analysis: Analysis of the samples (under the microscope, using books, search cards, Obsidentify, etc.)

6. DNA barcoding game (DNA detective game): How is DNA used to identify species (specifically metabarcoding)?

7. Why is using DNA complementary to the classical taxonomy?

8. Info market (several stations with staff from Naturalis offered a variety of additional information about lab work, game “The fastest pipetting”, checking what is there in the malaise trap, Diopsis -automatic insect monitoring device).