BioBlitz “Ocean of Change”

Oceanological Institute Polish Academy of Sciences

Sopot (Poland) 16-17 June 2023

NOTE: The activity was co-organised by the Lodz University, Department of Invertebrate Zoology and Hydrobiology (PoLBOL) as one of the partners responsible for collecting and identifying freshwater and terrestrial invertebrates.


The Sopot Northern Park, where the event was held, offers variety of environments for living
creatures, which may hide many species that had not been recorded from that region. Here is the
meeting zone for the sea shore, freshwaters and land habitats. We aimed to list the organisms
inhabiting those spots, as well as to sensitize people to the biodiversity. We also wished to show the
importance of invertebrates and to explain the need for respect for them. For all this, we counted with invited scientists, students and Sopot citizens of all ages. The number of participants reached… approximately 1000!!

The two day event included: 1 st day – sampling and sorting material; 2 nd day – presenting collected
material to citizens and identification to the lowest possible taxonomical level.

The event was extremely successful with a lot of citizens visiting the scientists in action. There were
ca 40 specialists in various fields including taxonomy, ecology and hydrology. UniLodz team
presented diversity of freshwater and terrestrial invertebrates collected in the Park. During this two
day activity ca. 800 taxa of all organisms were recorded including ca. 200 of invertebrates. The tents
in which the event was held were visited by the number of people estimated to ca. 1000. Visitors
actively participated in the Bioblitz. Everybody seemed to be happy and fascinated with the living
creatures found just nearby!

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