Biodiversity under your feet (Part 1)

Tatra National Park

26-27 April 2023

As still little is known on the insect diversity in high mountains, together with the Tatra National Park (TNP) we are collecting and identifying insects in the Tatra Mountains during the whole summer as planned in the BGE project. We focused on five latitudes that cover different ecobiomes and which are inhabited by different communities of insects. For this, we relied in the great contribution from TNP Rangers.

We Introduced TNP employees to the DNA barcoding and its importance in recognition of biological diversity. Thus, the first day we had a theoretical workshop with a set of presentations on the DNA barcoding, its utility and limitations as well as showing few case studies on similar projects worldwide. The second day we set Malaise traps together with TNP employees and we introduced the methods of collecting and labeling the samples. We also prepared picture documentation for each sampling site/trap.

Theoretical part ended with a lively and fruitful discussion with the TNP employees, who were very interested in the DNA barcoding and its implementation in terms of documenting TNP insect diversity within the future survey. We had a great opportunity of exchange of knowledge!

During the practical part it was possible to set four Malaise traps in two altitudes (the lower ones), as snow was still present in higher altitudes. If only the weather conditions allow, the other traps will be put by our collaborators from TNP and checked every week for next 20 weeks. That was fantastic meeting and a beginning of a fruitful collaboration!

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