Insect Day at Storbekkøya!

Storbekkøya museumsseter, Budal, Norway

29 July 2023

BGE’s “Insect Day” at the local museum for summer mountain pastures in Budalen was open to
everyone and announced on local Facebook pages in advance. Participants were invited to
learn more about insects and the BGE project, in particular the sampling of insect
communities in high mountain systems through a quiz, observation of live insects collected
from both terrestrial and aquatic habitats, and through collecting insects with a sweep-net
themselves. Free coffee and local cake was offered to everyone attending, approximately 35 children and adults from the general public, (including
citizens that are taking active part in the weekly sampling
program for High Mountain Systems).

The activity was very successful, with many interested children and adults. On top of that, we enjoyed really nice weather, so all the participants involved were very positive! Two articles in the regional newspapers Gauldalsposten and Trønderbladet were published, including plenty of photos about the activities and information about the BGE project.