23 November 2023

New BGE-ERGA BioGenome Analysis and Applications Seminar!

By Luisa Marins (ERGA)

The third session of the ERGA BioGenome Analysis and Applications Seminar series will take place on Wednesday, November 29th, from 12:00-13:00h CET.

The seminars represent a joint endeavor of the Biodiversity Genomics Europe Work Package 11 – Genome Applications and the ERGA Data Analysis Committee (DAC). The goal is to promote knowledge exchange on state-of-the-art genomic analyses and applications and to create a space for connection and analysis-oriented discussion for ERGA members and the broader genomics research community. These seminars provide opportunities for interdisciplinary interactions that explore emerging scientific trends, providing a platform for cutting-edge research, novel ideas, and insightful discussions.

The series will promote an exciting agenda of talks and hands-on sessions on phylogenomics, comparative genomics, population genomics, and functional genomics.

The seminars happen every month. Check the ERGA Calendar for more information on the upcoming sessions. All seminars will be broadcast on the ERGA YouTube channel.

Watch previous sessions: