15 January 2024

BGE is looking for institutions interested in working with pollinators

Biodiversity Genomics Europe is looking for partners to engage in an exciting pan-European project on pollinators in gardens and agricultural areas. It involves setting a pair of Malaise traps, one in an agricultural field and another in a nearby large garden, during five consecutive weeks in spring/summer 2024.

The procedure is repeated throughout the sampling season in at least three areas. We will provide Malaise traps! Details available in our Pollinator Communities sampling SOP.

Above: Graphic visualization of the sampling design, showing an example of an Agricultural field (left) and an Urban garden (right), separated from up to 20 km. The red circle denotes land cover dominance.


To declare your interest and/or get further information please contact Laura Najera (la.najera@cibio.up.pt). Participants will be involved in scientific publications.

We need your support!