19 February 2024

BGE’s hamster case study at the Mammal Conference in Hungary

By Cserkész Tamás and Somogyi Anna (Hungarian Natural History Museum)


Last 12-14 January, the Hungarian Natural History Museum, one of our BGE partners, organized the “3rd Annual Meeting of the Hungarian Mammalogists: Conference and Workshop” in Eger, Hungary. This was done in cooperation with Eszterházy Károly Catholic University, the Bükk National Park Directorate and the Bükk Mammalogical Society.

Two presentations at the conference featured the outcomes of the BGE hamster case study, presented by Gábor Sramkó and Lajos Szatmári. Furthermore, in the workshop devoted to Species Conservation Action Plans, Tamás Cserkész provided valuable insights into how genetic studies contribute to the long-term conservation of the hamster and the integration of this knowledge into action plans.

Above: Lajos Szatmári presenting the BGE hamster case study

During the conference, staff from the Hungarian Natural History Museum took on various positions, including chairman, workshop leader and speakers. The event attracted a diverse audience of 152 participants, comprising researchers, university lecturers, students, national park staff, as well as representatives from governmental and non-governmental organizations. Insights were shared via 37 lectures and 11 poster presentations on the latest mammal studies in the country, making a direct and multi-faceted contribution to societal knowledge.

For those unable to attend, a video capturing the essence of the conference is available for viewing here (in Hungarian).


Headerphoto: Gábor Csorba opening the Conference