16 April 2024

Voluntary Data Collection Day in Budapest


Last 7 April, the Herman Ottó Institute Nonprofit Ltd and the Hungarian Natural History Museum, partner of BGE, organised the Volunteer Data Collectors’ Day (Önkéntes adatgyűjtők napja in Hungarian).

The collaborative event brought together 16 organizations that presented over 25 projects dedicated to wildlife conservation and education.

These initiatives apply volunteer efforts and community engagement to promote understanding and conservation of wildlife. During the event, our partners from HNHM highlighted the hamster case study from the BGE project and elaborated on its citizen science components, such as community sampling and the 2024 Bioblitz events.

Above: More than 1600 participants attended the Voluntary Data Collection Day in Budapest.

Above: Our partners from HNHM presented their hamster case study during the event.


More information about the event (in Hungarian):