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BGE relies on the invaluable help of an army of citizen scientists to help us build the map of European biodiversity. Find out more about our citizen science initiatives.

Interested in putting on your boots and spending a few hours collecting some samples? Passionate about technical innovations for biodiversity monitoring? Concerned about the impact of invasive non-native species? Willing to contribute to BGE with a few hours of your time? Then keep reading.

BGE is inviting expert amateur taxonomists and citizen scientists to collaborate in the construction of DNA-barcode reference libraries and in biomonitoring programmes.

Building reference libraries

The taxonomic skills and knowledge of amateur natural historians are an invaluable resource. To support the flow of verified samples into the BGE project we are working with natural historians and natural history societies across Europe to collect and identify samples for DNA-barcoding.

Keeping invasive species at bay

Even if you have no previous experience in science you can contribute to the work of BGE. We have roles for the general public in a marine biomonitoring programme, collecting water samples suitable for environmental DNA (eDNA) barcoding to support the detection and control of marine invasive species in and around Europe’s ports and harbours.


BioBlitzes are intensive surveying events where over the course of a few hours or a day we find and identify as many species as possible at a specific site. These events can provide samples suitable for DNA barcoding and genome sequencing, and are an opportunity to learn more about technological innovations in biomonitoring. To join one of our BioBlitz events, contact us.

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